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Known as Southern Sugar, singer songwriters Laura Ashworth and Kelley Corwin knew from the moment they started writing together, they had a special kind of musical chemistry.

Laura who is originally from Charlotte, NC but now resides in Brevard, NC and Kelley, born and raised in Houston, TX, and now lives in Asheville, NC have very different backgrounds. However, they have a few things in common… they are both from the south and they are both sweet as “southern sugar”.

While very different stylistically in music, when the combination of Laura’s poetic lyrics and her soulful and folk melodies are stirred in with Kelley’s fun loving and heartfelt stories of timeless circumstances, along with a squeeze of sassy southern flare, they bring a collection of original songs that will touch every emotion of your heart.

As a result, their songs have placed in various prestigious songwriting contests including the International Songwriting Contest and Nashville Tennessee Concert Songwriting Contest, which resulted in rave reviews from Charlie Daniels band member Gary Allen as being hit songwriters. They have also been privileged to have amazing artists cover their songs, which has resulted air play world wide.

In 2009, their song Angel in Black, a tribute song about Johnny Cash, was selected to be on the Music for the Troops cd compilation, which was distributed to the troops worldwide. This song has been covered by established artists LeeAnn Atherton, Joshua Singleton, Erin Ashworth, Blue Mountain Myst and Leigh Glass. A music video of Angel in Black is due to be released this year as well featuring Joshua Singleton.

In 2010, their song Global Warming of the Heart was selected by the Alternate Root Magazine to be on the Music for Social Change cd compilation, which includes established artists such as Ivan Neville.

So “gitcha some” Southern Sugar. They are sweet and so is their music.