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Steelhouse Records is an independent record label based out of Asheville, NC.

Don’t let our coin phrase “Don’t Tell Us What To Do” scare you away. What we mean is that we are enthusiastic and ambitious and we will stop at nothing to encompass all styles of music no matter what anyone says. This is a positive phrase for our staff as we are positive that all the artists and singer songwriters we represent are very talented and have a place in the music republic.

We are excited to start a new lineage in the record label business. Because we believe that all kinds of music have a place in the music industry, we want to create an environment that epitomizes the cutting edge in the entire music scene.

Our staff at Steelhouse is unique as we all have very different views on life and very different tastes in music. However, we embrace each other’s differences and are just one big happy family. We are excited because we are destined together to have one big joy ride to success.

We are proud to represent our artists and singer songwriters. They are all very successful in the music business as they have all either won talent contests and showcases or placed in them; have performed live on regional and national TV; have toured internationally; have had songs placed in television series, in movie catalogs, receive radio airplay worldwide and as well have had songs win and place in very prestigious songwriting contests. Our artists and singer songwriters have shared the stage with top artists and singer songwriters including Jonathan Singleton, Whitney Duncan, Allen Shamblin, Austin Cunningham, just to name a few.

Steelhouse records has been honored to work with some of the music industry’s top musicians and producers including award winning musician and producer Rich Brotherton of the Robert Earl Keen Band, Austin, TX, award winning producer Chip Martin, Nashville, TN, Michael Ashworth of Ashworth Music, the O’Jay’s former drummer, who is now a producer and A & R representative, Dave Williams, Houston, TX and Kenny Lewis of Stryper at Mixed Emotions Music, Boston, MA.

We are committed to our artists and singer songwriters with the vision of creating even more opportunity for them to be even more successful by funding and supporting our artists to tour and release their original music. Additionally, we want to expose our artists’ and singer songwriters’ music creations to be considered for top name artists to cover. Additionally, we have an amazing catalog of songs and instrumentals of various genres, styles and story lines to place in movies, television and commercials.

We proudly recognize we not only have some astounding music, but we have a variety that is fit for anything needed in this global industry of music.