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Singer Songwriter Erin Ashworth is a single mom who lives in Brevard, North Carolina, which is embraced by the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Erin is a hair dresser, but the majority of her time is spent caring for her beautiful 6 year old son, Brycen, who is diagnosed with a rare brain disorder called lissencephaly.

In the midst of her extremely busy schedule, she always finds the time to follow her passion for writing music. She writes songs with great hooks in a “tell it like it is attitude”. The majority of her songs are pop, however, she is not limited to any particular genre.

Her song Away from Here received an honorable mention in the Independent Singer Songwriter Competition, Letter was picked to be on the CD compilation for Original Girl Magazine based out of Hollywood, CA. Erin was also selected to perform in the Gap’s Nationwide Celebration of 40 years of Music.

Erin states, “Most of my songs are about what’s happening or has happened in my life. I know people have gone through similar circumstances like after I broke up with Brycen’s father, how it made me feel the first time I saw him out with another girl. That’s when I wrote ‘Letter‘. So through music, I share my tribulations to provide a sense of therapy.”

Erin is not only a stellar songwriter but an amazing performer. She is exuberant in her charisma and steamy sexy in her performance. Erin has a huge local following, and has been styled as star quality. Her voice is hypnotic and evocative and will leave you mesmerized. Professionals have described her voice as striking and spell binding.